Media Advisory -- Sept. 8 Northrop Grumman Update for Gulf Coast Employees


MEDIA ADVISORY, Sept. 8, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Notes to Editors and News Directors:

 -- Northrop Grumman and its employees greatly appreciate your
    continued assistance in sharing these updates on your
    regular broadcasts. The company anticipates issuing these
    daily notices, with slight changes, through the week of
    Sept. 12. These announcements change slightly each day, so we
    ask that you carefully review the information before
    broadcasting it or printing it to ensure your broadcasts or
    print materials coincide with what we are sharing with you.

 -- Northrop Grumman Corporation is receiving word that some
    Gulf Coast news media are misreporting the toll-free telephone
    number for the company's Employee Disaster Relief Fund.  The
    result is that a third party has received hundreds of wrong-number
    calls and these employees are not receiving the assistance
    they seek.  As mentioned below, the correct toll-free number
    for the Northrop Grumman Employee Disaster Relief Fund is (888)
    642-5645.  Northrop Grumman appreciates your attention to this

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Sept. 8 Northrop Grumman Update for Gulf Coast Employees


Contrary to several media reports, the company is asking that only certain Gulf Coast employees, not all employees, report to work Monday, Sept. 12. While the company hopes to resume some levels of shipbuilding activities at its shipyards next week, for now all personnel should continue to monitor these daily advisories, which offer the most up-to-date employee information.

The company expects to begin a phased resumption of shipbuilding activity at its Ship Systems operations in New Orleans, La., Pascagoula, Miss. and Gulfport, Miss. during the month of September.

Northrop Grumman is proud of the hard work and dedication of its Gulf Coast employees in the face of extreme personal hardship. The company is equally dedicated to the rapid resumption of our work serving America's critical defense needs.


  --  Both facilities will be open for normal production no
      earlier than Sunday, Sept.11.

  --  For Gulfport, all management, supervisors and maintenance
      personnel should continue to report to work for 7 a.m.-to-
      6 p.m. shifts.

  --  For Pascagoula, the following employees should continue to
      report to work if possible, for a 7 a.m.-to-6 p.m. shift:
      All facilities and ship cleaners, storekeepers, warehouse
      employees, facilities engineering, maintenance, security,
      test and change-order electricians, test and trials, safety,
      production supervisors, craft supervisors, manufacturing
      services, resource recovery, yard cleaning, production
      supervision, ship management, inside and outside machinists,
      carpenters, rigging, production control, transportation and
      managers in finance, estimating and contracts.


  --  Both facilities will be open for normal production no
      earlier than, Sunday, Sept.11.

  --  Only maintenance and security shift personnel should report
      to work if possible. Reporting personnel should be prepared to
      stay overnight.


  --  Employees who have not checked in with their supervisors
      should do so immediately and call the Employee Contact Line
      at (877) 744-7642.
  --  Electronic Systems employees may also call the Northrop
      Grumman  information Line at (800) 995-4318 for further


  --  Northrop Grumman IT sector Gulf Coast employees who have
      not checked in with their supervisors should do so
      immediately and call the Employee Contact Line at (877) 744-7642.

  --  Information Technology employees may also contact the IT
      sector's HR customer care center at (800) 604-4890 or for further instructions.

  --  Northrop Grumman Information Technology will extend full pay
      for impacted employees for two weeks including Labor Day.


All Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) and Supervisor of Shipbuilding Gulf Coast employees in the Gulf Coast hurricane zone are requested to contact (202) 781-3889 to verify their whereabouts and contact information. They may also provide contact information via e-mail at All Supship Gulf Coast employees should go to, then click the "Gulf Coast" link under the "SUPSHIPS" heading on the left for notices and information.


Northrop Grumman continues to request that every employee from its Gulf Coast facilities contact the company via the new toll-free number, (877) 744-7642, to ensure that all employees are accounted for and their needs are being addressed.

Phone service in some regions impacted by the hurricane is not operating at full capacity and may be experiencing high call volume. Northrop Grumman recommends that employees who have had trouble connecting with the (877) 744-7642 number try to call at a later time. This number is staffed 24 hours a day. The company asks employees who reach the number to remain patient if asked to hold. Telephone agents are dedicated to taking your calls as quickly as they can.


Northrop Grumman Ship Systems will extend full pay to all employees for two weeks including the Labor Day holiday and the pay periods ending Sept. 2 and Sept. 9. Ship Systems employees who have been called into work for clean-up and recovery operations will also receive payment for time worked.

To assist employees in managing immediate financial needs resulting from hurricane damages, the paycheck or direct deposit that will be issued to each employee this Friday, Sept. 9 (which normally would only cover the pay period ending Sept. 2) will include pay for both weeks, for a total of 80 hours of pay.

Direct Deposit for Sept. 2 Pay:

  --  The company has been working with the Federal Reserve to
      determine the status of financial institutions that have not
      accepted a transfer of funds for employee payroll direct
      deposits.  At the present time there is one institution, the
      Bank of Louisiana in Metairie, which has not acknowledged receipt
      of funds for direct deposit.  Employees who have direct deposit
      accounts with this bank can obtain their net pay amount through a
      local Western Union. To receive cash, follow the instructions for
      Western Union described later in this message.

  --  For individuals who normally would receive a check at Avondale,
      the company will make the net pay amount available on Friday via
      Western Union.

  --  Individuals who do not arrive to receive their checks at
      Pascagoula or Gulfport during the check distribution scheduled
      for Friday, Sept. 9 will be able to access their net pay amount
      on Sunday via Western Union.

  --  Employees may continue to experience difficulty accessing direct
      deposit payroll at credit unions in the affected areas, and some
      credit unions have taken the unusual step of limiting cash

   --   Employees who use ASI Federal Credit Union and cannot access
        their direct deposit payroll will be able to receive a $1,000
        emergency cash advance at any Western Union beginning Friday,
        Sep 9, 2005.  This cash advance will be offset against the next
        payroll cycle, so employees who are able to access funds or
        don't have a current need for cash should not access the $1000
        emergency cash advance.
   --   Employees who use all other credit unions in the Gulf Coast
        region (Navigator, Kessler FCU, etc.) and are unable to access
        funds should call (877) 744-7642.  A $1000 emergency cash
        advance will be provided to these employees by the next day
        via Western Union.

Payroll Distribution on Sept. 9 Will Take Place as Follows:


  --  For employees using direct deposit, your pay will be
      transmitted to your bank or financial institution via normal
      direct deposit channels.

  --  For employees who do not participate in direct deposit,
      paychecks will be available for pickup at the following

Pascagoula employees' paychecks will be distributed from 10 a.m. to Noon this Friday at the Engineering Center (old K-Mart building) on Highway 90 in Pascagoula.

Gulfport employees' paychecks will be distributed from 10 a.m. to Noon at the main gate of the Gulfport facility.

Employees who are unable to pick up their paychecks at the above designated locations may use Western Union, described later in this message.


  --  For employees using direct deposit, your pay will be
      transmitted to your bank or financial institution via normal
      direct deposit channels.

  --  For New Orleans/Tallulah employees not using direct deposit,
      you can receive cash payments at Western Union locations.

To Receive Payroll Cash from Western Union:

Area employees who do not receive direct deposit may visit any Western Union location, complete a yellow "To Receive Money" form and receive the net-pay amount. Employees must provide the company's name and headquarters location (Los Angeles-based Northrop Grumman Corporation) and present proper identification such as a valid driver's license, passport, military ID card with photo, or their employee badge with photo. Employees can find the closest Western Union by calling (800) 225-5227 and selecting option 4.

Workers Compensation Payments

The workers compensation distribution of payments for the period ending Sep 2, 2005 will be handled in the following manner:

  --  For employees (or their beneficiaries) outside of the areas
      impacted by Hurricane Katrina (or those personnel for which we
      have previously received a forwarding address) the payment
      distribution will continue to be handled as a check delivered
      by the U.S. Postal Service.
  --  For the balance of employees (or their beneficiaries),
      particularly those in the areas impacted by Hurricane Katrina,
      payments are now available through Western Union.
  --  Any questions regarding whether payment will be made by check or
      Western Union "Quick Cash" should be referred to the F.A. Richard
      (FARA) Hotline at (888) 560-2562.

Medical Coverage

Special arrangements have been made to ensure no lapses in coverage occur for Northrop Grumman employees during the hurricane recovery period. The company Benefits Center can assist with health issues, including prescription refills, medical pre-certifications, and guidance for use of physicians and hospitals outside the network areas. Call (800) 894-4194.

Savings Account Line

Company representatives can respond to questions regarding savings plan loans or hardship withdrawals. Call (800) 676-7211.

Northrop Grumman Employee Disaster Relief Fund Available

Direct assistance to employees impacted by Hurricane Katrina will be provided through the new Northrop Grumman Employee Disaster Relief Fund. Affected employees should call (888) 642-5645 to apply.

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